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Below is how the PowerHouse Systems should be wired. Follow the diagrams and use proper wire and size to run the system. If you are extending the output leads of the run & guns you have to use 10awg. Input wires should never be extended but close to 12v cranking battery to provide good voltage to chargers. Failure to do as pictured can cause damage to the system and void all warranties. Damage that occurs, due to improper installation will not be the responsibility of PHL. Be sure to scroll down to see what system you need information on. We will show just the 36v Battery in trolling diagrams but if you use a 24v battery it will be the same procedure and wiring locations. Also cranking battery type does not affect wiring. Same wiring goes to 12v or 16v run and guns as pictured below. Just if you are running 12v or 16v units only you can only have a max of 20 amps charging the 12v starting battery.