Never worry about battery issues again!!

Buy a 3-way perko or battery install kit. Designed specifically to work with your marine electronics to give you the best clean power source in the industry. This system also gives you backup to your 16V battery. With the flip of a switch, instantly switch your graph and transducers over to your 12v cranking battery as a backup source of power.

If you don't currently have a dedicated power harness

If you are starting from scratch, we recommend you buy the battery install kit, 6 way fuse box, and enough 10AWG wire to run from perko to fuse box. (we currently do not stock anymore 10awg wire so you will have to source that locally). Then figure from fuse box to all power connections how much 14awg you will need. (note with shorter runs and 16v current you do not need 10awg to go to each power connection as 14awg will easily carry the 2.5 amp loads. (Note our 14awg will power 2 devices)

If you already have a dedicated wiring harness

If you already have a dedicated wiring harness like SEACLEAR, SONOR PRO'S, or your own wiring system, you will only need our Battery install kit which will include 4 battery cables to connect to 12v and 16v battery, 3 way perko switch and grounding lug. Then you use the wiring system of your choice.