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Dead Battery Support


Dead Battery Support

Measure voltage with volt meter first and if less then 2 volts you may be to late to charge. Lithium batteries have to be charged up within 2 weeks of being drained.  When lithium batteries are drained to zero the BMS will stop the drain but the BMS and blue tooth will continue to use the remaining power, below the level that the computer can be reset and is turned off. This is not a failure of the battery but a failure to charge the battery. Try the steps below to see if there is enough power left to reset BMS. (number one cause is failure to turn off all perko's and disconnect all devices) 

Steps to take and check for batteries that have quit discharging.


1. Delete app off phone and then reload to make sure you have the latest version.

2. Connect to app go to More (bottom right box) then click on cell page.

3. Check cell page to find any warranty issues. (cells that may be an issue will be in red). If you have red cell please call tech support but only check for red after getting new app).

4. If any cells are below 2850mv and no red cells then battery is just out of energy and needs recharging.  (follow below instructions)

If you completely run your battery down to 0%, then the bms has to be reset. This issue is easily corrected. (note if you are running a Run & Gun charger then there is nothing extra to be done as these chargers are designed to wake up the BMS automatically when the charge cycle starts.) (Also new 2 bank and 3 bank chargers from us with mode and activate buttons will wake up BMS just push mode or the activate button for 5 seconds and release this will force charger to start charging.) if this does not work then follow below steps.)

5. Hook up your charger and notice the lights on the charger. (All digital chargers now days have to have current on terminals before chargers will start.) If you are using the blue portable non-waterproof charger, then you will have one red light and one green light. One red light means you have a/c power to charger and one green light means you do not have enough voltage to start charger, or battery is fully charged, or you have bad connection. (if both lights turn red then you are charging just use app to confirm battery status has changed to charging. If your battery is still not charging then following the below steps.

6. While charger is still on and connected to the battery you need to hook up jumper cables to 12v battery and look at the charger, it should now show charging status. Check app to confirm and go to cell page and make sure all cells are above 2850mv then disconnect cables. The charger should now continue to charge. If charger does not charge by itself then call tech support only after the above instructions have been done. (Make sure if you are using your cranking battery you take off all the leads off the positive post first before jumping batteries as when the BMS is reset it will supply the rated voltage and if you have not removed the positive wires off the source battery you will cause damage to the items attached to the 12v battery. The 12v battery will not be affected by the higher voltage as long as you pull cables off after cells reach 2850mv in battery that was dead. this generally only takes a few minutes to reach above 2850mv.)  

7. Using a jump pack to supply direct current instead of another 12v battery.  Sometimes a jump pack can be used to supply direct current to the dead battery in order to trick the charger into turning on. Some jump packs will not supply voltage as well if there is no or very low voltage on terminals you need to test your jump packs with a meter to see if they provide voltage to clamps when not hook to anything. If yours does put out voltage to clamps then follow step 5 and make sure charger comes on and check app for status change and cell voltage going over 2850mv.

If after trying the above methods and still not charging please call support, at 1-877-650-4PHL (4745)